Crackshort - Target Practice

Simply put, Crackshort is a firing range for trading 'target practice'. Here, you can backtest strategies based on technical analysis, all on this website, no programming or software downloads needed.

What makes Crackshort special is full modularity. Every element of the backtest is customizable:

  • Range Environment (Backtest Universe)
  • Rifle Magazine (Strategy)
  • Cartridge Gunpowder (Indicators)
  • Cartridge Caliber (Position Sizing)

Set the parameters, assemble your backtest 'rifle' and fire away.

Range - Backtest Universe

Enter the firing range, and set up your range environment by defining basic parameters needed to perform a backtest.

  • Stock tickers to trade
  • Start and end dates of backtest
  • Starting portfolio value

Magazine - Strategy

Choose your magazine. This is a container for indicators, which defines how they will be arranged and used. The strategy also includes risk-management i.e. stop-losses.
Currently magazines only support long-short (no long- or short-only).

Magazines available (mouseover for details):

Gunpowder - Indicators

Choose mix of gunpowder. These are common technical indicators which will trigger long or short entries into trades under certain circumstances. You can also alter the parameters for each indicator. TFR currently supports the use of two indicators simultaneously, in a defined magazine.

Powder types available (mouseover for details, click 'more' to be redirected to resource):


Select cartridge caliber. This determines the position size of each trade, and consists of a sizing method and a base size.

Calibers available (mouseover for details):

Load and Fire

When you click 'Run backtest', your gunpowder (indicators) is loaded into cartridges of your selected caliber (sizer), which are then loaded into your magazine (strategy). Your rifle is set up in your range environment (backtest universe) and fired.